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The Bus Journey to Education

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Free bus passes have been provided by the trust to students of Imamwada, JR and Malad Municipal schools to arrest the dropout rates.

In our adopted school, Malvani Municipal Secondary School, Malad (W) (under MCGM School Support Program), many students are coming from remote area of Ambujwadi, located at the outskirts of Malad. The distance between Ambujwadi to Malvani Municipal Secondary School is approximately 7 kms. The students were finding it difficult to manage the travel expenses thus they used to be highly irregular, some of them were also on the verge of discontinuing their education. Understanding their plight and in order to encourage them, this year Fazlani Aishabai & Haji Abdul Latif Charitable Trust has taken the initiative to provide them with free bus passes for their travel to school to a total of 58 students of Ambujwadi. After receiving free bus passes, the students have become very regular and happy now and parents are also supporting them for their studies.