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Voice against Substance Abuse

Event Date: 08-10-2016

A number of reports and observations have been made in the past about the increase in the usage of tobacco, gutka, alcohol, and drugs like mephedrone, cannabis, inhalants and other injectable substances, especially among school children.

Easy accessibility, peer pressure, lack of awareness about their hazards and various life stressors have made students to turn to these harmful substances rather than seeking proper help. In the wake of this serious situation, Fazlani Aishabai and Haji Abdul Latif Charitable Trust has taken a step to do something about it and not just be a mere spectator.

Fazlani Aishabai Trust’s teachers and counsellors have been rigorously conducting various awareness programs and sessions on substance abuse in their partially adopted MCGM schools and in areas of South Mumbai and Govandi.

The teachers and students had expressed their interest in spreading awareness to help in eliminating this terrible disease and the social evils sprouting from it.

Fazlani Aishabai & Haji Abdul Latif Trust along with Agripada Municipal School teachers and students jointly organized an “Awareness Campaign and Rally” against Substance Abuse in their school and nearby areas during this week. The rally of more than 50 students with placards and slogans covered the areas like Agripada, Jhula Maidan, Kalapani, Salvation Army and Fancy Market. A follow up program was also organised in the school which highlighted the issue through various skits, speeches and mono acting. This program was attended by approximately 350 students and teachers from the school and other BMC schools in the nearby areas as well. The program turned out to be a grand success and got lots of positive feedback from everyone present.

We are hopeful that these students, our hopes for future, will help in spreading this message and keep doing their bit towards this noble cause.