Aishabai College Of Education

Aishabai College of Education is running in full bloom from August 2005. The college envisions itself as a Leader in Regional, National and International Education.

The College is a B.Ed. College Exclusively for Women, affiliated to SNDT Women’s University.

The mission of Aishabai College of Education is to prepare educators, professional school personnels, and other allied professionals to have a positive impact on the lives of all students, families, and communities with whom they come in contact.


To ensure the future teachers passing out from our college to:

  • Acquire conceptual tools of sociological analysis and hands-on experience of engaging with diverse communities, children and schools.
  • Apply knowledge of various aspects of development of learner for planning learning experiences.
  • Develop skills regarding various role of teacher in facilitating learning.
  • Develop a conceptual understanding about issues of diversity, inequality and marginalization in Indian society and the implications for education.
  • Apply constructive and cooperative learning principles for teaching-learning process.
  • Analyze contexts and the relationship between school curriculum, policy and learning.
  • Apply knowledge of the cultures, policies and practices that need to create an inclusive school.
  • Use information and communication technology for enhancing learning-teaching process.
  • Use drama and art for development of personality of learners.
  • Relate knowledge about gender, school and society with learning.
  • Acquire basic understanding about new trends in education.
  • Develop professional attitude towards teaching.

Aishabai College Of Education is committed to Continual program improvement by providing and maintaining high quality faculty, program content, and utilization of resources, thus creating the context for effectively facilitating the transformation of candidates to professionals.

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