Jamila Arif Children’s Village

Jamila Arif Children’s Village (JACV) is a registered home for boys and girls. This village is a children’s home with a difference – where love and care is provided in abundance.


  • The Foundation visualizes itself a wider role to play in the meaningful and more purposeful implementation of helping the orphans and semi orphan children by providing them free food, shelter, education, medical assistance irrespective of caste, creed and religion.
  • To increase access for orphans and the disadvantaged children to primary and secondary education and or vocational training.
  • To bring forth children from backgrounds that are quoted as difficult & unsuitable for the growth & progress of children.
  • To bring significant effort in re-socializing the children after they come in JACV. Also to equip children with both Islamic and contemporary education.
  • To heal vulnerable children from stress and traumatic experiences through counselling.
  • To alleviate the suffering of orphans by advocating and soliciting support geared towards improving their status or living conditions.
  • To assist children in developing healthy lifestyles to become responsible citizens.
  • To create a positive loving environment in which the abandoned and neglected children feel at home and cared for, as a basis for social and professional development.
  • To ensure the physical well-being and protection of orphans by providing them proper care, love and personal attention with counseling as means of trauma healing.

Here, the children are brought from a very young age and remain till the time they attain the age of 18. All the children of this village study at Fazlani International School, which follows a CBSE curriculum and is in the Vicinity of Jamila Arif Childrens Village (JACV).