Success Stories

Counselling student

The student is 14 years old studying in 8th standard from Malad Township school. The child was referred through counselor’s observation for roaming around in school, and being untidy and eating 10 packets of tobacco-gutka per day . In the first session, general talk like what are child’s likes and dislikes was discussed. In the second session the child was given puzzle to solve and in the end the child was asked to wear clean and proper uniform. Child was explained importance of school uniform. In later session the child was explained the effects of tobacco abuse. Child was shown a video to understand how harmful to consume tobacco and its effects to body and indirectly it affects the academic performance.

Improvement in the child:

1.Through continuous successful intervention the child has reduced the quantity of consumption of tobacco 2 packets a day and wishes to eliminate habit of consuming tobacco in future.

2. The child started coming school in full uniform.