Success Stories

Counselling student

The student is 14 years old and studying in 9th std in Meghraj Sethi Municipal English. The uniqueness of this case is child was referred by child’s father for improving child’s interest in studies and getting counsellors help to set career goal for 10th std and clear career related query.
Our trust counsellor conducted a Rapport building session and taken brief case history and got to know that child was struggling to manage both the things together study as well as Quran hifz at the same time and it showed effect on academic performances. Counsellor conducted motivational and career counselling with child to clear doubts related to career and set time schedule which will help child to manage both the studies nicely with given target. Counsellor conducted continue parental counselling to enhance child’s parental support at home.

Improvement seen in client after counselling:

  • Child became very clear about career choice of becoming civil engineer.
  • Child showed improvement in academics and achieved 71% in 9th std final exams as per the target.
  • Child also managed to finish the Quran hifz in 9th std only as per the plan.
  • Child is all set for focusing on SSC and kept the target of achieving 85 to 90% in Final SSC exams.

As per child feedback, child is very clear about chosen  career and became very organised and focused for studies with the help of individual counselling and child also shared that child’s father is also very happy because child is able to manage both the things together with great success.