Success Stories

Counselling student

The child is 15 years old and studying in 10thstd from Agripada Municipal Urdu secondary School. Child was observed by the counsellor due to isolated behaviour in class and showing least interest in any classroom activities.

Our trust counsellor conducted a Rapport building session while using the general interactive technique to know about child’s likes, dislikes and hobbies to make the client comfortable. After knowing child’s creativity counsellor collected basic case history and involve in extracurricular activities to make client confident and active in class. Counsellor also conducts individual counselling to resolve child’s relationship issue with child’s family and friends. Child’s self worth is improved by appreciating client’s small initiative. Child also became very clear through career counselling and wants to become engineer.

Improvement seen in client after counselling:

  1. Child became very active in school and acts as a good leader.
  2. Child showed improvement in relationship with family and friends.
  3. Child became very confident and focused about career.
  4. Child set the goal of achieving 85% in SSC and wants to become an Engineer in future.

Child shared that he is really happy because he got to know about his creativity and leadership skills through counselling and become confident enough to deal the challenges positively. Child was more than happy to improve relationship with his parents, siblings and friends.