Success Stories

Counselling student

A child is studying in Agripada Municipal Urdu Secondary school. Child is 15 years old and studying in 10th STD. The child was referred by the class teacher for complaints of being irregular in class and for child ’s angry behaviour and least interest in taking any responsibility.

Our trust counsellor conducted a Rapport building session and made child comfortable. After taking the detail case history did Motivational counselling to enhance child’s leadership skills and involved child in monitor ship activity. Counsellor also conducted individual counselling for Goal setting and career planning to make child more clear and confident about future.

Improvement seen in client after counselling:

  1. Child became regular in school.
  2. Child presented very confidently during the Monitor election and became monitor of the class and started taking responsibilities seriously.
  3. Child able to manage good behaviour with friends and carried out all the classroom activities as a team.
  4. Child able to control anger with the help of Anger management techniques suggested by the counsellor

As per child feedback client is really happy because client overcame the fear of failure and now is working very hard to achieve 75 to 85% in SSC and wants to become Loco pilot in future.